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From our point of view, maximum quality extra virgin olive oil should not be considered simply as a condiment or an ingredient. It is rather almost like a food in itself, enriched with unique nutritional properties. Its high concentration of antioxidants makes it exceptionally nutritious and our objective therefore is to maximize its full potential without affecting its organoleptic characteristics. It is well known that a high content in polyphenols often results in excessive bitterness and is commonly rejected by the consumer. Our aim is to achieve the desired balance between health and hedonism.

Production, therefore, should not be understood as the simple mechanical separation of the oil contained in the olives’ pulp but as a combined process of extraction and processing of the oil’s components. The optimization of the production process proceeds by choosing the desired level of transformation and accelerating or selectively blocking any of the different components.

Given the variety and complexity of the different components and the fact that they are all still not entirely clear to the scientific community, it is essential to study the production and extraction of oil from olives from each farm at each facility, setting specific extraction parameters, tasting and continuously adjusting to achieve the desired final product. Objective: Tostandardize our product and achieve the best results, recognizable and easily differentiated from our competitors.